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We understand how important it is that you receive outstanding therapy in aiding you in your process of recovery from illness or injury.  Our professional Therapists will develop an effective program specific to your needs in order for you to gain maximum physical ability possible.



Our Physical Therapists are here to assist you in restoring optimal physical motion and strength.

Responsibilities include:

  • Evaluation and assessment of rehabilitation needs
  • Teaching and training therapeutic exercises
  • Establish home exercise program
  • Prosthetic training, if applicable
  • Muscle re-education
  • Home safety/Fall prevention

Physical Therapy may be suitable for patients who experience the following: 

  • Falls or loss of balance
  • Difficulty walking
  • Joint pain
  • Hip or Knee replacement surgery
  • Stroke
  • Heart Failure
  • Heart Attack


Our Occupational therapists will provide you the help that you need to perform self-care skills so you may return in going about your daily activities with ease and independence.


  • Training in daily living activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.
  • Elder Care and geriatric management.
  • Recommendations to improve patient safety.
  • Adaptive Equipment training.
  • Fine and gross motor activity.


Let us improve your quality of life by providing a treatment plan that will aid in restoring your communications skills.

If you or a loved one has any speech, chewing, and/or swallowing difficulties due to a stroke or other injuries, our Speech Therapists can help by providing the following:

  • Treatment for re-establishing communication skills
  • Cognitive exercises to further develop speech articulation and memory
  • Treatment for improving feeding, chewing, and swallowing



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